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Serving Arizona

LoveBugs Lice Removal

LoveBugs® is owned and operated by Equella Liggins, a wife, mother and business professional. She is a knowledgeable, experienced lice professional whose managed and operated LoveBugs® with love and care since 2009. With a love for children and hair, Equella is no stranger to nit picking! From employee to owner, Equella is thrilled everyday to serve the Lamorinda community and surrounding areas with free head checks and a gentle non-toxic treatment process.


We know that discovering someone in your home with head lice can be very troubling! Our LoveBugs® Salon is here to service you as quickly, painlessly, and efficiently as possible.


At our private salon, LoveBugs® will discreetly take care of your lice problem with the LoveBugs® non-toxic, lice removal technique and special formula that was invented in Greece over 40 years ago.


  • Satisfactory Service Is 100% Guaranteed

  • Recommended by Pediatricians all over!

  • Services May Be Covered By Health Insurance

  • 100% Natural Vegetarian Formula Non-Toxic & Not Animal Tested

The products used at the LoveBugs® Salon are non-toxic, 100% vegetarian, 100% natural, never tested on animals and organic. LoveBugs® does not use harsh chemicals or pesticides because there are risks associated with exposing yourself and/or your child to harmful chemicals. Our treatment process is guaranteed to rid your hair and scalp of lice including super lice to which are  increasingly resistant to over the counter chemical treatments.


99% of the time, children are accepted back into school after their first LoveBugs® Salon appointment.

Thank you for considering our service!

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NOTE: Appointments are not confirmed until you hear back from us. A LoveBug will contact you within 1 hour!


Appointments are NOT confirmed until we contact you. A lady bug will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you.

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Head Check

Head checks are always free with your treatment process!

There is a $20 fee for drop in checks without recommended treatment or if waived clear.

A trained LoveBugs® lice professional will do a comprehensive head check to look for any signs of lice and nits.  This thorough screening looks through the entire scalp inspecting all strands of hair. A LoveBugs® treatment will be recommended if any lice (bugs) or nits (eggs) are found at the time of your check.

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Follow Up

Following your LoveBugs® lice removal treatment, we strongly recommend a follow up appointment in 5-7 days to make sure you are recovering as planned after your treatment.

Follow-up appointments vary in price:

Follow-up checks: Free

Follow-up treatment: $100 an hour

A second treatment will be determined on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more information.

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LoveBugs® will remove all live lice (bugs) and visible nits (eggs) at the time of your treatment. The LoveBugs® treatment is an all natural non-toxic special formula and removal technique guaranteed to rid your lice problem with 1-2 treatments.

Treatments cost $100 an hour.

Treatment prices may vary depending on the length and thickness of the hair and the severity of the infestation. After the first treatment, 99% of children return back to school, daycare and extra curriculum activities. You are not contagious after receiving your LoveBugs® treatment.

Our treatment will rid your head of lice even after prior unsuccessful treatments as well as getting rid of "Super Lice". 

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You may request a braided style at the end of your treatment for an additional charge.

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LoveBugs® Lice Removal guarantees all LoveBugs® lice treatments for up to 4 weeks with specific guidelines.

Once treated by our LoveBugs® salon, we require clients to come back for a follow up appointment within 5- 7 days after the initial treatment. Depending on the severity of the first treatment, we may recommend another treatment- $100.00

A second treatment is highly recommended for severe infestations. Please contact us for more information.

LoveBugs® recommends all family members, nanny's and babysitters to be  checked and treated (if necessary) by a LoveBugs® professional.  This should be done within the same 24 hours of the initial LoveBugs® treatment. 


Our guarantee only applies to those treated by LoveBugs®.

Failure to appear for your 5-7 day follow-up appointment will forfeit the LoveBugs® guarantee. If you have to reschedule your follow-up it must be done within the time frame indicted after the initial treatment. Cost for the follow-up appointment varies.

Failure to follow the LoveBugs® homework provided by our salon will forfeit the LoveBugs® guarantee.

Once a client is "cleared" after a follow-up treatment, we will continue to monitor your hair for the next 2-3 following weeks. If evidence of live lice are found, a treatment will be covered free of charge.


The LoveBugs® guarantee will only apply to those treated by our LoveBugs® salon. At home treatments or services performed elsewhere are not covered.

Please note: Guarantees may be modified for severe lice cases. Make sure you ask your lice professional for more information.

Clearance forms are available for children to return to school, daycare, camps, etc.



The LoveBugs® prevention oil is a key ingredient to getting rid of lice and keeping rid of lice. This natural essential oil is made by hand and with love to nourish the scalp and protect the hair from being attractive to lice.

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