Can I get lice from a family member?

Anyone can get lice from any person with whom they have close contact. Very often, children with head lice quickly pass the lice to other family members: 85% of siblings, 75% of mothers, 20% of fathers, and 50% of babysitters, nannies or housekeepers catch head lice in a single household

How does the LoveBugs® head lice removal process work?

Our LadyBugs® will manually remove the live lice and the nits (eggs) from the hair and scalp with the LoveBugs® lice removal technique and special formula that were invented in Greece over 40 years ago.

Would a pesticide be more effective in lice removal?

There are risks associated with exposing yourself and/or your child to harmful chemicals and there is strong circumstantial evidence that head lice are becoming increasingly resistant to commercially available chemical treatments. Further, home remedies such as olive oil, vinegar, mayonnaise and petroleum jelly (i.e. Vaseline) do not appear to solve the head lice problem either.

What kinds of products will LoveBugs® use on me?

The LoveBugs® products are non-toxic, 100% vegetarian, 100% natural, never tested on animals and organic.

Is the service that LoveBugs® provides guaranteed?

The service LoveBugs® provides is 100% Guaranteed to free our clients of head lice-please call for an appointment and further details.

How did we get lice?

Lice are transmitted from one human host to another through head-to-head contact and/or the sharing of personal items such as combs, brushes, pillows, sleeping bags, helmets, etc. School-age children are infected with head lice more commonly because they are in closer contact to one another. Lice prefer clean hair and are equal opportunity annoyers so getting lice has nothing to do with socio-economic background and getting lice is not a disgrace – keeping lice is.

How common is the lice problem?

Head lice are almost as widespread and contagious as the common cold. Catching lice is the number one reason that kids miss school across the country. Although the “no-nit” policy that schools implement seems harsh, it comes with good intentions and is absolutely necessary.

What are Nits?

Nits, the eggs of the head louse, are small yellowish-white, oval shaped eggs that are glued to the hair shaft and are laid by live lice. You cannot “catch nits”. Once a nit is laid, it takes 7-10 days for a nit to hatch and another 7-10 days for the female to mature and begin laying her own eggs.

Where did lice come from?

Lice have reportedly been around since the ancient times and even a young George Washington stated in his book The Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation “Kill no … lice… in the sight of others; if it be upon the clothes of your companions, put it off privately, and if it be upon your own clothes, return thanks to him who puts it off”. LoveBugs® will privately take care of your lice problem. The LoveBugs® non-toxic, lice removal technique and special formula were invented in Greece over 40 years ago and brought here to America.

What are LoveBugs’ hours of operation?

LoveBugs is by appointment only, but we’re usually open 7 days a week.

Does LoveBugs treat adults?